Sunday Sweep #2

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Sunday Fun Sweep

Thanks to all for turning up to last Sundays Sweep which was a stableford format from red tees. It was a cold start on what turned out to be a cracking day and all scores pretty close.

1st Colin Murray 25 points £3
= Graeme Telfer 25 points £3
3rd John Orr 22 points £2
= Alan Ward 22 points £2
= John Tully 22 points £2

Closest to pin prizes
8th Alan Ward
19th Graeme Telfer

Prize pot £4 contribution with £8 in pot for final Sunday.

Next week will be Greensome format we have tee times booked from 8.30-9am. If you want to bring a friend along the club have agreed £5 for a visitor to play our 12 hole Fun Sweep. Look forward to seeing everybody next week.


Winter Series Q2


 Winter Series Qualifier #2 

Please see below for the Winter Series Q2 results.

1st  Kevin Hamilton 34 points
2nd  Alan Ward 29 points

Two’s Winners (£5 per Two):

Euan Campbell 17th
Robbie MacInnes 5th
Stuart McKelvie 17th
Robert Cairney 5th
Alan Ward 5th
Kevin Hamilton 2nd & 19th

Well done to everyone who played and congratulations to Kevin in scoring the highest points total recorded in the Winter Series to date.

Handicap Adjustments:
Kevin Hamilton 8 to 7
Alan Ward 4.5 to 4
Scott McCluskey 13 to 13.5

An updated handicap list will be next to the entry sheet for Qualifier #3. The Winter Series qualifier this coming Saturday will run as normal with the Cats Whiskers also being played.

Please click on the following link for the Qualifier 2 Scores and updated Winter Series Handicap list. 


Sunday Fun Sweep


Over the coming winter months there will be a Sunday Sweep arranged by members, with the idea of fun golf on Sunday mornings. The sweep is open to all members and will meet in The Glasshouse for 8am for an 8.30 start. The format of the competition will be decided on the day of play amongst the players and will be played over 9, 12, or 18 holes. There will be closest to the pin prizes on holes 8 and 19 each week.

Entry is £2 sweep with the winner getting kitty but keeping about 20% back to put into a prize pot(voucher to spend in pro shop) which we will play for over 18 holes in format to be decided. But you need to have played at least 6 Sundays to have a chance to win on the final Sunday showdown.

George has agreed that the winner of the final Sunday showdown will get a complimentary steak sundae deal for 2 but also to encourage us back each week the winner of each week will receive a complimentary hot roll and drink the following week.

First Meeting

Well done to all for the 1st Sunday sweep played over 12 holes stroke play from red tees with 2/3 handicap .

1st Graeme Telfer nett 39 £6
2nd Colin Murray nett 41 £4
3rd John Tully nett 43 £1
3rd Darren McCutcheon) nett 43 £1

Closest to pin prizes
8th Colin Murray
19th Graeme Telfer (Hole in 1)

In Prize pot for final Sunday £4.

Tee times have been booked for next Sunday from 8.30am stableford format. Everybody is welcome along we meet in the Glasshouse from 8am £2 sweep money. The Glasshouse has also done a deal for £3 hot roll and as much tea or coffee you can consume.


Winter Series Q1


Winter Series Qualifier #1 

Please click on the following link for the Qualifier 1 Scores.

1st Iain Clark with 26 points
2nd Alexander John Macneil and Alan Ward with 25 points. Usually we would determine sole second place with best last 9, 6, 3 and 19th holes but both players had exactly the same points on all of these!

Two’s Winners £12 each:

Barry Wilson
William Stewart
Alan Ward

Well done to everyone who played and congratulations to Iain, Alex and Alan on winning the sweep as well as Barry, William and Alan on getting a two.

Handicap Adjustments:

Iain 17 to 16
Alexander 11 to 10.5
Alan 5 to 4.5
Darren McCutcheon 13 to 13.5
David Rooney 9 to 9.5

Please click on the following link for the Winter Series Handicap list. The list will be next to the entry sheet for Qualifier #2 this Saturday.


Winter Course Maintenance Programme


Course Works

As the season draws to a close Robert and his team have already started on their winter programme with the coring of the greens. All greens have now been cored with a 7.1mm core and will be completed next week with a dressing of sand. Please see the pictures below with regard to the ongoing work:


Although core aeration temporarily diminishes putting quality, the short-lived pain results in a long-term gain for turf health by reducing thatch and organic matter levels, relieving soil compaction, increasing soil oxygen levels and stimulating healthy growth.



Casino night

Set up before

Rowallan Castle Casino Night

Saturday 9th December

On Saturday the 9th of December, we are hosting a Casino night at the Castle. We will have a blackjack and roulette tables to find the most successful duo. We have some fantastic prizes to be won on the night and please find some more information in the following link: CASINO-FLYER-festive

The night is open to all members and friends. To register for the night, we have an entry sheet on the notice board and will be on a first come, first served basis. Payment can be made in the professional shop by card or cash.





Rowallan Castle Annual Prize giving

This years prize giving will be held on Friday the 17th of November in the Ballroom at the Castle and we would be delighted if you could attend. The cost will be £20 for prize-winners and £25 for non-prize winners. This will include a welcome drink on arrival and a fantastic two course meal from the Glasshouse team.

I have outlined the itinerary of the night below:

18:00 Welcome drinks in the ballroom

18:30 Welcome from Niall Campbell review from David, and Captains message

19:00 Two course dinner

20:00 Guest speaker Niven Rennie

20:30 Rowallan Prize giving

*Please note these are tentative timings and may differ on the night.

To reserve your spot in what is sure to be another great night at Rowallan, we have put up a sheet on the notice board at reception and it will be filled on a first come, first served basis. After last years success, we have moved in to the larger of the two main rooms in Castle which means we would be delighted for members to invite along a partner. All payments for this evening can be made in the professional shop by card or cash.



Members and Guest Day

Rowallan Castle

Members and Guest Day

Please click on the below link for the full results of yesterdays Members and Guest Day here at Rowallan Castle. Well done to all the prize winners and congratulations to Walter Smyth who recorded a hole in one at the par 3 5th.

Member and Guest Day Results 2018

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Club and Hcp Championship Photos

rowallan finals day-269

Club and Handicap Championship Photos

20799504_10159138429110641_8229495515684143745_n rowallan finals day-39 rowallan finals day-62 rowallan finals day-61 rowallan finals day-60 rowallan finals day-47 rowallan finals day-44 rowallan finals day-43 rowallan finals day-72 rowallan finals day-71 rowallan finals day-64 rowallan finals day-90 rowallan finals day-89 rowallan finals day-88 rowallan finals day-75 rowallan finals day-73 rowallan finals day-91 rowallan finals day-92 rowallan finals day-93 rowallan finals day-94 rowallan finals day-95 rowallan finals day-100 rowallan finals day-150 rowallan finals day-155 rowallan finals day-156 rowallan finals day-166 rowallan finals day-167 rowallan finals day-177 rowallan finals day-184 rowallan finals day-185 rowallan finals day-186 rowallan finals day-204 rowallan finals day-205 rowallan finals day-209 rowallan finals day-215 rowallan finals day-216 rowallan finals day-218 rowallan finals day-221 rowallan finals day-225 rowallan finals day-228 rowallan finals day-229 rowallan finals day-231 rowallan finals day-234 rowallan finals day-238 rowallan finals day-260 rowallan finals day-233 rowallan finals day-261 rowallan finals day-263 rowallan finals day-264 rowallan finals day-265 rowallan finals day-269 rowallan finals day-273 rowallan finals day-277 rowallan finals day-280 rowallan finals day-281 rowallan finals day-282 rowallan finals day-283 rowallan finals day-284 rowallan finals day-285 rowallan finals day-286 rowallan finals day-287 rowallan finals day-288 rowallan finals day-290 rowallan finals day-294 rowallan finals day-295 rowallan finals day-296 rowallan finals day-297 rowallan finals day-299 rowallan finals day-322 rowallan finals day-323

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CIBSE Golf Day


CIBSE Golf Day

Rowallan Castle Golf Club were delighted to host the second annual CIBSE Golf Day last Friday. With challenging weather conditions 80 golfers battled through the elements to complete the round, followed by a fantastic meal in The Glasshouse Restaurant after play.

On the first tee we had Wilson Golf doing the #D300 Challenge to see how many yards you can gain with the correct driver. Amazingly 80 yards was the biggest improvement on the day.

Hole 8 was sponsored by Daiken where there was a bar behind the green to keep all golfers refreshed.

On hole 19 Rowallan Castle hosted the MacMillan Challenge where nearest the pin won a hamper full of fantastic prizes.

If you are looking to host a golf day, the CIBSE golf day is one of many golf days we have hosted. To get more information please call 01563 530550 or email david@rowallancastle.com

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