Sunday Sweep Sunday 28th January

Only winner on Sunday was the weather! The £8 sweep money went straight into the final pot that is now sitting at £38 and counting. Weather for this Sunday is looking good, and Tee times are booked from 8.20am meeting in Glasshouse from 7.45am for breakfast roll. This Sundays format will be Texas Scramble from the Yellow Tees.

Qualifiers for final after playing 5 sweeps.

  • John Orr
  • Alan Ward
  • Graeme McCubbin
  • Graeme Telfer
  • John Tully
  • Paul Duffy
  • Colin Murray

Only 4 sweeps left and a few of you can still make it.

  • 4 Sweep- Matt Quinn, Allan McGregor.
  • 3 Sweep- Craig Hutchison, William Stewart, Drew Parsons, Darren McCutcheon, Will Brown, Stewart Reid.
  • 1 Sweep- Willie Sime, Shaun Newman.