2016 – 2017 Winter Programme

Now that the summer competitive season has drawn to a close we will be starting our autumn renovations. We will begin hollow coring greens this week with a 12mm diameter tine at 2.5” spacing. This will remove a significant amount of the thatch that has built up and allow air into the profile. Regular sand dressings will be applied over the coming weeks along with a granular fertiliser to promote some growth and infill.

This programme will cause some disruption but is absolutely necessary for the long-term benefit of the greens and all efforts will be made to restore surfaces in the shortest possible timescale. Localised areas of greens will also be overseeded with a traditional Bent/Fescue seed mix.

The tees will receive a similar programme once the greens have been completed. Tees along with many of the fairways have already been overseeded and germination is visible on many areas. This has been carried out using high quality dwarf ryegrass cultivars.

We will be moving onto the mat at hole 8 shortly for the winter period. This will give us a chance to restore grass cover prior to colder temperatures kicking in.

Our main priorities this winter will be drainage and aeration. Initially we will be dealing with areas on a number of holes where field drains have failed causing surface water issues along with a number of bunkers where soft spots have developed. If the weather plays ball, we would hope to build on and introduce new drainage systems on other fairways. Aeration will include both slit and solid tining on all areas of the golf course and will be scheduled as often as possible to allow good air movement and help develop the root structure and mass.

We also have the materials in stock to upgrade the path which services the 9th yellow tee.

By mid-February our thoughts then turn to bunker renovations prior to the start of another season. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact David or myself on david@rowallancastle.com or robert@rowallancastle.com

Robert Johnston