Rowallan Castle Gents Open

Sunday 29th July

Rowallan Castle Golf Club Gents Open and Doc Thom OOM.

Scratch and Handicap Prizes, optional Two’s entry and Longest Drive/Nearest the pin prizes.

Entries open to all golfers with a valid CONGU handicap and over the age of 18 . Please contact or or call 01563 530550 for an entry form. Entries will be served on a first come first serve basis an will only be registered when the club has both payment and entry form. If the Open is oversubscribed there will be a ballot to determine play.

Tee times are available from 8am to 2pm, cost £12.50 per person. Closing date for entries Monday 9th July 2018. To download an entry form please click on the following link:

Winter Maintenance Update

 Please click on the below link for Roberts recent update on the drainage works out on the course.

Drainage Update Jan 2018

Sunday Sweep

Well done to all this morning who played a few tough and interesting pins Robert Johnston.


1st Paul Duffy and Graeme Telfer £4 each
2nd Stewart Reid and Matt Quinn £2 each

£6 to final pot with £30 in an counting.

Closest to pin
5th Graeme McCubbin

6 remaining Sundays left till final remember you need to have played 6 sweeps to qualify for final Sunday on 4th March. We have tee times booked from 8.50 next week meeting in pro shop from 8.15. Format will be Texas Scramble from Yellow tees.

Everybody welcome just turn up £2 sweep and put your name in the draw.

 Winter Series Qualifier #8

Please see attached the updated Winter Series scores from Saturday

1st Kevin Bell 28 points
2nd Alasdair Laurenson 24 points

Two’s Winners (£15 per Two):

Craig Wallace 17th hole
Alexander John Macneil 5th hole

Handicap Adjustments:

Kevin Bell 3 to 2
Alasdair Laurenson 7 to 6.5
Robert McLaughlin 11 to 11.5

An updated handicap list will be next to the entry sheet for Qualifier #9.

Remember, you need to have 6 scores recorded to be eligible for the final on the 3rd of March (we still have 7 qualifiers left). If you have more than 6 scores your lowest score will be dropped and not count toward your average. The players who currently have 6 scores recorded are:

Alex MacNeil
Will Brown
David Rooney

Qualifier 8 Scores

Sunday Sweep

Well done to all who braved the -6 elements yesterday and it turned out to be a great day.


1st Paul Duffy 26 points £6
2nd Craig Hutchinson 21 points £4
3rd John Tully 20 points £2

£4 to final pot with £24 in an counting.

Closest to pin:
8th Paul Duffy
19th Matt Quinn

7 remaining Sundays left till final. We have tee times booked from 8.50 next week meeting in pro shop from 8.15. Format will be 2 man team Greensomes with 6 club max in your bag.

 Winter Series Qualifier #4 

Please click on the following link for the updated Winter Series scores from the weekend.

Qualifier 4 Scores

1st Alan Ward 29 points
2nd Scott McIver 26 points

Two’s Winners (£10per Two):

Stuart McKelvie 2nd
Alan Ward 8th
Kevin Hamilton 17th
Euan Campbell 5th

Well done to everyone who played on Saturday! Next weekends qualifier will be from the yellow tees.

Handicap Adjustments:

Alan Ward 4 to 3
Scott McIver 11 to10.5
Jim Borland 9 to 9.5

An updated handicap list will be next to the entry sheet for Qualifier #4.

***Sunday Sweep***

Another great turn out for the string competition have to say hats off to Robert and his team the greens are in excellent condition👏👏👏
1st Alan Ward 42 £6 and Graeme McCubbin 42 £6 and string left!!!!!

3rd Allan McGregor 45 £4 and Matt Quinn 45

Closest to pin
8th Matt Quinn
19th Graeme Telfer

£6 to prize pot £20 in pot so far for final Sunday.

Thanks to Paul Duffy for his 2 complementary tickets to see Status Quo on Tuesday night winner was Matt Quinn for his score and closest to the pin.
Next weeks format will be Texas scramble from yellow tees times are book from 8.40-9.10am meet from 8am everyone is welcome

2017 Scottish Golf Limited Handicap Stat and Buffer Zone Information

Recently Scottish Golf Limited have released a some of statistics regarding handicaps for the 2017 season. In this document we have compared the national statistics vs Rowallan Castle for medal play in 2017 – plus a couple more bits of useful information.
Handicap Adjustment:
How do you judge a good day on the Course? Are you only ever happy when you walk off the 18th green after reducing your handicap? Scottish Golf Limited have analyzed the 1,317,422 qualifying competition scores from the 2017 season.
It shows that 2017 has been a testing year for all golfers with only 12% of qualifying rounds result in a handicap reduction. So, the next time you narrowly miss out on the Buffer Zone, don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re far from alone. Please see Appendix 1 for Buffer Zone calculation.
Handicap Adjustment

Rowallan Castle Golf Club

Reduction in Hcp 15% Buffer Zone & Equal 24%

Increase in Hcp 61%

Rowallan Castle is almost level with competition rounds over the CSS (0.1 increase to handicap) but better than average regarding handicap reductions. Meanwhile our Buffer Zone is 4% below national average. The national average handicap for male golfers (18 and above) is 14.9 compared to the average handicap for Rowallan members of 12.4.
Easiest and Toughest Holes at RCGC:
The below information was taken from medal results played on the Blue, White, Yellow and Red tees from the 2017 playing season.
Blue Tees

Blue Tees

Easiest Hole Average Over Par Toughest Hole Average Over Par
8 3.55 16 6.89

Easiest Par 3 = 8   Easiest Par 4 = 7   Easiest Par 5 = 13

Toughest Par 3 = 10   Toughest Par 4 = 11   Toughest Par 5 = 16

White Tees

Easiest Hole

Average Over Par Toughest Hole Average Over Par
8 3.76 16


Easiest Par 3 = 8  Easiest Par 4 = 12 Easiest Par 5 = 13

Toughest Par 3 = 10  Toughest Par 4 = 11  Toughest Par 5 = 16

Yellow Tees

Easiest Hole

Average Over Par Toughest Hole Average Over Par
8 3.79 16


Easiest Par 3 = 8   Easiest Par 4 = 7   Easiest Par 5 = 13

Toughest Par 3 = 10   Toughest Par 4 = 11   Toughest Par 5 = 16

Red Tees

Easiest Hole Average Over Par Toughest Hole Average Over Par
10 3.64 16


Easiest Par 3 = 10  Easiest Par 4 = 12 Easiest Par 5 = 16*

Toughest Par 3 = 2   Toughest Par 4 = 9  Toughest Par 5 = 16*

*Only par 5 on the card
For every tee position the par 3’s played the easiest holes on the course and par 5’s played the toughest.
Player Performance:
In 2017 46 members have improved on their handicap by 0.1 or more. Colin Murray is the most improved golfer this year with a starting handicap of 13.0 and reducing it to 8.6.
Player Starting Handicap Current Handicap Difference
Colin Murray 13.0 8.6 1.2136
William Stewart 27.1 20.8 1.1921
Gavin Wilson 20.8 15.6 1.1884
David Rooney 17.6 13.1 1.1793
Allan McGregor 21.6 17.1 1.1546

Difference = (Start Hcp + 12) / (Current Hcp + 12) (This method gives a statistically correct representation of ‘improvement’ over the period)

With the medal data we can also calculate what would be called “Exceptional Players Report” which is a list of players who have been returning scores on or below the CSS.
Player Handicap Rounds On or Below CSS
Neil Black 3 13
Ruari McMillan 9 10
Kevin Hamilton 12 9
Grant Wilson 3 9
Allan McGregor 17 8
John Rushbury 2 8
Robbie MacInnes 5 8
And finally, we can also calculate the player frequency for medal rounds. This calculates the total number of medals (Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday) played by members who hold a registered handicap.
Name Medal Rounds
Alan Ward 31
Neil Black 29
Stewart Reid 27
Average Medal Rounds per player: 18
This is slightly lower than last year in terms of medal rounds played by the top player, but our average medal rounds have increased by 4 compared to 2016. Furthermore, medal participation has also increase in 2017 compared to 2016.
Appendix 1
How the buffer zone is calculated:
In simple terms, the Buffer Zone is a cushion that enables each player’s net score to exceed the Competition Scratch Score (CSS) without resulting in an increase to their handicap. The number of strokes depends on the player’s handicap category. The Buffer Zone varies for each handicap category as follows:
Category Handicap CSS
1 Up to 5 +1
2 6 to 12 +2
3 13 to 20 +3
4 21 to 28 +4
If a player’s net score (after applying any net double bogey adjustment) lies:
• Above the buffer zone, their handicap is increased by 0.1
• Between the CSS and the Buffer Zone, their handicap remains unchanged
• Below the CSS, their handicap is reduced
Why is the Buffer Zone different for each handicap category?
The different Buffer Zones reflect the different scoring patterns/expectations of golfers of varying ability. The Buffer Zone for each Handicap Category has been created to ensure golfers across all handicap categories have the same likelihood of playing to their Buffer Zone or better.How does this work?
Example 1
A golfer with a handicap of 9 (Category 2) scores a gross 83, resulting in a net 74. No net double bogey adjustments are to be made to the player’s scorecard and the CSS for the day was calculated at 72. The Buffer Zone for a category 2 golfer is CSS + 2 strokes = 74.
Handicap Adjustment: In this instance there is no adjustment to the player’s handicap as their net scores lies within the Buffer Zone.
Example 2
A golfer with a handicap of 5 (Category 1) scores a gross 77, resulting in a net 72. No net double bogey adjustments are to be made to the player’s scorecard and the CSS for the day was calculated at 70. The Buffer Zone for a category 1 golfer is CSS +1 stroke = 71.
Handicap Adjustment: In this instance the player’s net score lies outside the buffer zone therefore their handicap is increased 0.1
Key points
The Buffer Zone is a cushion added to the CSS which varies (as above) according to a player’s Handicap Category.
Any nett score returned between the CSS and the Buffer Zone will result in a player’s handicap remaining unchanged.
Only nett scores that are above the Buffer Zone result in handicap increases.




Sunday Sweep

Winter golf!! It certainly was today and thanks to all who braved the conditions.

Next week we are going to be doing the string competition from red tees. If you’ve not played it before come and have a go – the piece of string is your handicap(10 handicap = 10 feet of string) use it wisely!!!!!

Thanks to Robert Johnston bottle donation for closest to pin

Todays results

1st Graeme Telfer nett 37 £6
2nd Matt Quinn nett 43 £3
= Darren McCutcheon nett 43 £3

Closest to the pin

2nd and 8th Graeme Telfer

£2 to prize pot for final Sunday

Rowallan Castle Annual Prize Giving

On Friday the 17th of November Rowallan Castle hosted Rowallan Castle Golf Clubs annual prize giving. This was in the fantastic setting of the ballroom within Rowallan Castle and a great night was had by all. Special thanks to The Glasshouse restaurant for supplying the meal on the night, guest speak Niven Rennie, photographer Graeme McCubbin and to all the members and guests who attended. Congratulations to all prize winners who are listed below as well as some photographs from the night:

Saturday Monthly Meetings:

April: Kevin Bell

May: Paul Millar

June: Grant Wilson

July: David Addison

August: Ruari McMillan

September: Colin Ward

Spring Meeting: Gerry Brannigan

Summer Meeting: Mark Gallagher

Autumn Meeting: Stewart Reid

Medal Winners Final: Colin Ward

Wednesday Aggregate: Neil Black

Highlander Cup: Barry Wilson

Queens Own Highlanders Dirk: Gavin Wilson

Charity Shield: Iain Greer

Captains Day: Stewart Brown

Cats Whiskers: Drew Parsons

Wilson Staff Trophy: Mark Harrison

Blue Monster Cup: Neil Black

Presidents Trophy: Past Captain Andrew Macleod

House Flag: Lorimer House captained by Andrew Macleod

Rowallan Singles Shield: Allan McGregor

Rowallan Singles Shield Runner Up: Stephen Skilling

Rowallan Pairs Shield: David Macleod & Euan Campbell

Rowallan Pairs Shield Runners Up: David Addison & Phillip Rooney

Seniors Club Champion: Ricky Gray

Club Handicap Champion: Stewart Reid

Club Handicap Runner Up: Kevin Hamilton

Club Champion: John Rushbury

Club Champion Runner Up: Neil Black