Club Championship Update

Dear member ,

I hope this email finds you well.

Tonight the semi-finals of the Club and Handicap Championships will take place between 5 and 6pm. Well done to everyone who as progressed this far in the competition. Good luck tonight and tomorrow night if you progress to the final. Below are the pairings for the semi-finals of the Club Championship:

Brian Alexander v Mark Gallagher

Mark Tait v Gary Allison

Below are the pairings for the semi-finals of the Handicap Club Championship:

Graeme Telfer v Robert Cairney

Kevin Hamilton v Iain Clark

Medal Update:

On Saturday we have the Senior Club Championship and medal played from the white tees. Followed by a yellow tee stable ford on Sunday. On Wednesday the 10th we have the MFQ #9 from the yellow tees. I have had a few queries as to the reasons for some recent disqualifications in the last competition and to help avoid these I have copied the R&A ruling on the player’s responsibilities as to completing the scorecard.

“In any round of a handicap competition, the competitor must ensure that his handicap is recorded on his score card before it is returned to the committee. If no handicap is recorded on his score card before it is returned, or if the recorded handicap is higher than that to which he is entitled and this affects the number of strokes received, he is disqualified from the handicap competition; otherwise, the score stands. Note: It is the player’s responsibility to know the holes at which handicap strokes are to be given or received.

After completion of the round, the “competitor” should check his score for each hole and settle any doubtful points with the committee. He must ensure that the marker or markers have signed the score card, sign the score card himself and return it to the committee as soon as possible.”

PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 6-6b: Disqualification.

Jack Doherty:

Today Jack is playing in the Swedish Challenge hosted by Robert Karlsson at Katrineholms Golfklubb. To follow Jack’s progress either click on the link below or @JACKD0HERTY.

Kelsey MacDonald:

Kelsey is currently home where she is playing and practicing to get ready for her next event which is the English Open.

Once again good luck to everyone who is playing in the championships tonight and tomorrow night and good luck if you are playing this weekend.