Course Report

Course Report from Robert:

Usually by this time of year the main head scratchers are how to control dry patch and even up the greenkeepers tan. Not so this year!
The last time we had a dry week was early May and during August I recorded only three 24hour periods without rain.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. We’ve been over seeding some greens of late so the regular rainfall has helped with germination. To date we’ve completed 9 greens and will work around the fixture calendar until they are all done.
The process involves a double pencil tine prior to sowing the seed and following up with the drag brush and vibrating rollers. The weather conditions can have a significant effect on the success of this type of work but new grass is clearly visible on the greens treated at the beginning of the process.
The fairways received a fertiliser application in early August which has improved grass cover and colour although mowing routinely in these conditions is now the challenge.
Aeration events have been increased on all areas of the golf course to help keep surfaces as open as possible and with no sign of any change to the weather in the short term this will be the priority over the next few weeks.
Last Sunday morning it was surprising how the course had dried out given there had been no rain over the previous 2 days. Unfortunately, normal service has been resumed as we’re now over 20mm for the last 18 hours.
On that note, I’m off to buy some new wellies!