Course Update


Over the last few weeks we have managed to make some progress with new drainage installations. I’ve used some aerials from google earth to show where we’ve been busy and although they are not accurate to scale they do give a reasonable account of what’s going on.

The image on below is the 1st fairway where we have installed new drains into existing drainage which outlets into the pond. Three laterals have been installed across the width of the fairway and we intend to continue with this at 5m intervals on the left side of the 26m main drain.

Hole 1


On the 4th hole we have again extended a main through the left rough ( shown in black ) with a further 3 laterals this time at 10m spacing shown in grey. The light blue colours are drains installed in previous years. Those on the left side of the hole outlet to ditches. It is our intention to continue back up towards the fairway bunkers in a similar manner.

Hole 4


On hole 9 the 80mm pipe installed is shown in red. The lateral drain running across the fairway picked up a low wet spot which has always given us problems. Some minor wet spots have also been picked up at the swale.

Hole 9


Again we fully intend to build on this and on hole 9 especially there are 3 other areas where we would hope to make improvements over this winter.

The biggest problem when installing drains through the winter is obviously the potential for damage caused by hauling materials over the course. This was particularly relevant with this area on 9 and we will return when the ground conditions are more suitable. Other minor drainage work has been carried out around the 1st tees and on holes 5 and 11.

Robert Johnston

6th December 2017.