New Local Rule

Local Rule 1A-3


Throughout the year the club have been in constant contact with Scottish Golf Limited regarding the course for medal play. As our course is still in the young stages of development, we are able to apply the following local rule:

1A-3 part C: Cleaning Ball Conditions, such as extreme wetness causing significant amounts of mud to adhere to the ball, may be such that permission to lift, clean and replace the ball would be appropriate. In these circumstances, the following Local Rule is recommended: On any closely-mown area throughout the course, a ball maybe lifted and cleaned without penalty. The ball must be replaced. Note: The position of the ball must be marked before it is lifted under this Local Rule: see Rule 20-1. PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULE: Match play “ Loss of hole; Stroke play “ Two shots.

This means that a player can clean mud from their ball on a closely mown area throughout the course. There must be a significant amount of mud on the ball to claim relief and permission must be sought from all playing partners before taking relief.

This local rule will be in effect from now until further notice.