Winter Series Q1

Winter Series Qualifier #1 

Please click on the following link for the Qualifier 1 Scores.

1st Iain Clark with 26 points
2nd Alexander John Macneil and Alan Ward with 25 points. Usually we would determine sole second place with best last 9, 6, 3 and 19th holes but both players had exactly the same points on all of these!

Two’s Winners £12 each:

Barry Wilson
William Stewart
Alan Ward

Well done to everyone who played and congratulations to Iain, Alex and Alan on winning the sweep as well as Barry, William and Alan on getting a two.

Handicap Adjustments:

Iain 17 to 16
Alexander 11 to 10.5
Alan 5 to 4.5
Darren McCutcheon 13 to 13.5
David Rooney 9 to 9.5

Please click on the following link for the Winter Series Handicap list. The list will be next to the entry sheet for Qualifier #2 this Saturday.