Winter Series Q11

 Winter Series Qualifier #12

Please click on the following link for the Q12 updated scores, Qualifier 12 Scores. There were some excellent scores on the day as can be seen by the below winners:

1st Iain Clark 27 points (best last 3)
2nd Stephen Wilcox, David Cameron, Cammy Michael and Steven Roper (All tied on 27 points)

Two’s Winners (£9 per Two):
Stephen Wilcox 8th
David Cameron 5th
William Stewart 5th
Phil Rooney 19th
Gerry Brannigan 5th

Handicap Adjustments:
Iain Clark 15.5 to 14.5
Stephen Wilcox 11 to 10.5
David Cameron 16.5 to 16
Cammy Michael 5 to 4.5
Steven Roper 7 to 6.5

David Rooney 9.5 to 10

An updated handicap list will be next to the entry sheet for Qualifier #13.

Remember, you need to have 6 scores recorded to be eligible for the final on the 3rd of March (we still have 3 qualifiers left). If you have more than 6 scores your lowest score will be dropped and not count toward your average.

The players who currently have 6 scores recorded are:
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Bell
Alex MacNeil
Iain Clark
Stuart McKelvie
Stephen Wilcox
Euan Campbell
William Stewart
David Cameron
Will Brown
David MacLeod
Scott McIver
David Rooney
Jim Borland
Craig Hutchinson
Robert Cairney
Allan McGregor
Stuart Reid